Trading Platform​

Rupeeseed Trading Platform is highly scalable and robust trading platform meant for Retail Brokers. The platform can be fully deployed on cloud and is built on new age technology to cater to varied and evolving needs of brokers. It already incorporates new regulatory changes and new integration such as eDIS and ePledge.

Key Components:

Rupeeseed trading platform

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Wealth Platform​

Rupeeseed Wealth Platform is one stop destination for offering Mutual Funds, Bonds, Insurance and other products. It can be easily deployed on cloud and implemented quickly for Wealth Firms or Brokers for offering to Wealth Clients. Rupeeseed Wealth Platform has RM module to help in assisted journey for buying MF’s to Choosing right insurance products. It has integration with key industry players for Fund Ratings, NAV, Sector allocation and other indicators.

Key Components:

Rupeeseed Wealth Platform

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eKYC Platform​

We are emerging market leaders in Digital customer onboarding systems CRM Solutions. We have partnered with 40+ brokers in the last 1.5 years and built end-to-end tech for making onboarding a memorable experience for a million+ customers. With over 2 decades+ of experience in this space, our products are tailor-made for your team and will increase their productivity from day 1.

Our Products:

Onboard your customers digitally within minutes with the help of many industry-first features and robust tools that leverage cutting-edge technology to enable seamless onboarding with ease and comfort. Our solution is all-encompassing, integrates with all the key players within the BFSI ecosystem, and ensures 100% compliance. It is equipped with an in-built rule-based engine that produces customized workflows depending on the profile of the customer who is being onboarded.


Digital re-onboarding solution ensures that your customer data stays updated in the ecosystem by leveraging cutting-edge technology, enabling customers to update their information with customized workflows. The solution is deeply integrated with your back office to identify the type of KYC required (Full, Partial) for the individual customer based on his last transaction date. The solution seamlessly integrates with Exchanges, Depositories, KYC & CKYC to update information thereby, ensuring compliance.

Quick Engage is a Full-Fledged CRM system which empowers your team with insights and help them engage with your customer in a meaningful and prospective manner.


Available Modules

  1. Prospect Management
  2. Sales
  3. Customer Support
  4. Customer Engagement & Revenue Tracking
  5. Performance monitoring


Other Services

  1. Verification Services
  2. PAN & Digilocker Services
  3. Video KYC, Face Detection, Aadhaar related services

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