Online web trading portal

simple and intuitive online web trading portal

Online web trading portal

Rupeeweb is a user-friendly, web-based trading platform developed by top trading software developers in India using HTML5 technology. It provides a modern and responsive interface and offers a complete trading experience to retail investors. The platform is equipped with real-time scanners, seamless streaming quotes, charting with technical indicators, detailed portfolio reports with trading analysis, and proprietary algorithms for scanning thousands of options and displaying relevant strategies.

Here are the technology features that make it an intuitive and advanced platform

HTML 5, CSS3, JS (ES6), Bootstrap and Angular material

These technologies have been used to design an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for traders to use the platform.

Single page application

This design feature reduces the need to refresh the entire page, making it faster and more responsive to user input.

Angular 8+ version

This makes the platform an advanced web application framework, which helps with performance and stability.


The marketing team can use this technology to monitor user flow and activities.

Advance encryption

The platform employs advanced encryption technology to ensure data security and protect user information from unauthorized access.

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In terms of features, RupeeWeb includes the following


The platform features real-time scanners that monitor stocks and detect movements such as breaching resistance or support levels, making new highs or lows, and more.

Streaming quotes

The platform utilizes innovative technology and efficient data compression to deliver real-time quotes seamlessly and without interruption, ensuring an optimal user experience.


RupeeWeb offers an extensive array of streaming charts, both intra-day and historical, equipped with technical indicators to provide a comprehensive analysis of market trends and performance.


The platform provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of a user's trades, including gains, losses, and other important information for informed decision-making.

Option Strategies

RupeeWeb employs proprietary algorithms that are capable of scanning through thousands of options and presenting the most relevant strategies, such as straddle and covered calls, for effective and informed trading decisions.

Integrated solution

The platform is integrated with various players in the capital markets ecosystem, such as depository participants and payment gateways. This makes it a one-stop-shop for complete trading experience of a retail user without having to shuffle through multiple web pages or systems.

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