An Analytics driven indispensible tool for dealers and traders

Rapidrupee is a very intuitive and feature rich trading terminal which gives the real trading edge to user. For the first time in India we have a trading system which correlates the historical data and the current market data to show real opportunities.

Rapidrupee is more useful for well informed traders and dealers. Rapidrupee is a new Analytics driven trading platform meant to give traders and edge. It combines intraday and historical data and has elaborate charts and technical analysis studies.

With Rapidrupee you can view your holdings, trade records, do real time fund transfer and much more. Rapidrupee has a smart live scanner and trend scanner which captures the opportunities and shows it to the user the very second the event happens. Traders vouch for the ease and effectiveness of Rapid Rupee. It shows real time charts for various time frames.

With advanced charting, scanners, fundamental data, automated buy and sell signals and much more, Rapidrupee provides all that is needed for a well informed and objective trading.